A.C.T. UP with Harp!

A - Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is in high demand here in Missoula.  Living wages and a skilled labor force go hand in hand with ensuring we have housing stock that is within a person’s means.  Currently, our Department of Housing is analyzing data they have collected over the last year.  I look forward to their recommended policy tools that encourage good development reflecting our City’s Growth Policy.

C - Climate Change is Real.

Our young people believe this with all their heart.  This is a case where we would be wise to learn from children, as we want to leave the world in better shape than we found it.  By and large, the Missoulians I have spoken with want to play a part in restoring order to our environment and are ready to act and protect our lands, air, and waterways.

T – Transparency in government.

We all know that the local taxes we pay do two things: 1) provide daily services and maintenance performed at an economy of scale we couldn’t afford on our own, and 2) invest in our vision of Missoula for future generations.   However, the public feels disconnected from the decisions the City makes.  My goal is to show you what you gain with your financial investment in Missoula.

UP – Be an advocate for the Un-Protected.

There is a divide between the protected and unprotected people in our society.  If you are educated and accomplished, and are secure financially with good health insurance and benefits, then you are part of the protected class.  But if you don’t have all of those attributes, then you are likely to fall into the un-protected class.  One mistake can spiral a well-intentioned life downward.  I want to give a hand up and make Missoula great for everyone.