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Twenty two years ago as a young woman from Wisconsin I moved here on a whim with a dream of teaching art to young people.  Reality set in, bills needed paying, and so I adapted and became a bond broker of all things.  Learning a tough lesson when the dot com bubble burst early enough in my career, I transitioned into the role of a financial planner where I specifically sought out ideas that ran counter to the conventional wisdom that negatively affected so many middle class Americans.  To this day, I apply that approach to searching for other viewpoints so I can make balanced recommendations for my clients by weighing the pros and cons of various products and features for a fair cost.  Nowadays most of my time at VALIC Financial Advisors is spent teaching personal finance across the different generations.



... serving on Council grants those that serve the public to craft long term policy that impacts our individual neighborhoods and collectively makes Missoula a better place to work, live and recreate. I work well with others and collaborate to solve issues, and I believe that Council should see themselves as a team working towards common goals. Yes, we may have differing opinions that shape us, but we must all work together to leave Missoula in a better position that we found it.

Fifteen years ago I joined the Kiwanis Club of Missoula – a service club dedicated to improving lives for children and their communities around the world - and ever since I have been hooked on affecting change.  I have served our community in leadership roles in the Kiwanis Club of Missoula, the Poverello Center, and Glacier Ice Rink.  Whether refereeing Kiwanis middle school basketball games, serving dinner at the Pov, or lacing up skates for wee girls and boys I have enjoyed myself immensely helping others directly, as well as serving on the Boards.  Each organization grew along with me, just as I developed a bit deeper as a person.


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Hi there! As I have been talking to folks about city government, there have been a number of issues that repeatedly pop up. Collecting and analyzing those responses is important to understanding my constituents' feelings and opinions on there matters. Please answer these 10 questions and provide honest feedback. Thanks!

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